SRINAGAR, Sep 15 (KTNS): The government on Friday suspended recognition of R P School Mallabagh  srinagar for charging higher fee in comparison to fee approved by the fee fixation committee headed by the retired high court judge.

Issuing the order, Director School Education kashmir also ordered that the students enrolled in the school be adjusted in nearby government high/higher secondary school for ensuing examinations 2018.

According to the order, the directorate of school education had issued a show cause notice to the principal of the school on June 23, asking him to explain his position in lieu of the allegations with government’s grievance cell for charge the exorbitant fee in violation of the fee fixation committee’s order on 21 February this year. 

The principal responded on July 2 by stating that he has already submitted the file to the fee fixation committee for considering the fee hike after taking the financial, academic and other aspects into consideration and sought three days from the DSEK office to get the order from the fee fixation committee, the order reads.

On June 11, Chief education Officer Srinagar reported to the DSEK that the school was charging higher fee from the students.

On September 1, principal of the RP School attended DSEK, stating that the file was still pending with the FCC and sought time till September 5. “He gave in writing that in case it is not agreed by FCC, he is ready to hand over the institution to the government functionaries,” reads the order.