Fireball resulting from the test detonation of a hydrogen bomb at Bikini Atoll on May 21, 1956. The explosion was photographed from an aircraft flying at an altitude of 3,700 metres, at a distance of 80km north-west of the target.

Mogadishu, Sep 10 (KTNS) At least six people were killed and 16 were injured in a suicide car bombing targeting a local government office in the Somali capital on Monday, officials said.

Police officer Abukar Mohamed told, that a suicide bomber rammed the vehicle into the office of Hodan district, causing casualties. The offices of the district were also destroyed by the explosion, he added.

Witnesses described the blast as devastating. “I saw many people injured in the blast and many buildings destroyed,” said one eyewitness, Nur Farah.

Militant group Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the attack.

On September 2, the group launched a similar attack on Howlwadag headquarters, killing at least three people.